The Branton family consists of Daniel and Michele Branton their seven sons, Kaleb, Isaac, Elijah, Jesse, Luke, Thomas and Zerah, and three daughters, Ysabelle, Emily, and Hadassah.

Branton Family Farm is a small farm located on 20 acres south of Baird Tx. Our hens freely graze our pastures and provide quality eggs to our customers. We plan to expand to 300 hens over the next 3 years. We will soon be providing, honey, and other produce. Stop by and see what we have going. There’s always room around the table for another seat. We also will be providing fresh garden produce in the near future.

Our mission at Branton Family Farm is to honor our Father in everything we do by caring for the land, animals, and possessions he has placed in our trust, and living a sustainable lifestyle that promotes morality, generosity, and healthy living. Then using these blessings to care for each other and to teaching others to do the same.

The Hens are Cluckin’

We are up to about 100 laying hens. Our hens are able to scratch and hunt like they were designed to do. This ensures the highest quality eggs for our table and your.

Something Smells Good In The Kitchen

We are remodeling the Kitchen in the old farm house. The farm house will soon become the farm store, and we soon be serving our fresh bake jalapeño cheddar, cinnamon raison, and so many other fresh delicious bread. After our grand opening, you will be able to stop by the store and get a bite to eat before you head back home.