Safely Spark Your Flame With Long Matchsticks

Safely Spark Your Flame With Long Matchsticks

Proudly delivering fire accessories in Baird, TX and the surrounding areas

Don't risk burning your hands or fingers trying to light a fire. Take the safe route, and invest in long matchsticks. The Firewood Farm has a wide selection of long-reach matches that are easy to use and durable. You'll feel confident striking a flame knowing you're in control.

Purchase your long matchsticks from our team in Baird, TX today.

Get your wood pellets delivered on time

Hauling bags of wood pellets from your car to your storage unit is hard-especially if you don't have any help. Instead of breaking your back or renting a truck, get your wood pellets delivered from The Firewood Farm.

We charge a flat rate of $60.00 to secure your delivery. This flat rate does not include the cost of the wood pellets you purchased. After that, it's an additional $1.50 per mile plus $1.00 per every bag purchased.

If you have purchased from a local store, you can call us to arrange for the delivery. We partner locally with the fire station in Abilene and we make deliveries if you've purchased your pellets from Tractor Supply. If you have not already made a purchase, but know the amount you're looking to buy, The Firewood Farm can make the purchase on your behalf, after which you would owe for the pellets purchased and the above delivery costs.